St Johns Percy Main

We are a church at the heart of the community in Percy Main North Shields, we have a congregation & font and can do weddings and things.

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Get married here

Getting married here is totally an option which you should think about. We are a beautiful venue & we have options which suite your needs, this writing is temporary. it is here to give an idea of what this text section looks like and how it could be used in the final website. The full copy of this length should be provided by the client.

We have a church hall and meeting spaces to hire.

Our church hall and meeting spaces can be booked for a nominal fee to host your meeting or club events. there are certain rules and restrictions in place to help preserve the solemn & dignified nature of the church.

  • Keep the church areas tidy
  • Be respectful in the main church area
  • Ensure you leave the place as you found it.
  • Insert condition here.
  • Additional and final option.

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